Fredericks & Freiser is proud to announce a solo exhibition of paintings on Mylar by Canadian artist Nicholas Di Genova. The artist’s fine-lined Darwinian allegories graphically illustrate a mythological underworld. If the sleep of reason does in fact breed monsters (and granted that reason may be on the fritz lately) then few since Goya have attempted to tease these monsters out into the light of day with such deadpan clarity. Luckily, Di Genova has been living in a world whose walls continuously bleed messages from its own unconscious in the form of graffiti. Seceding from the academy of recycled aesthetics, Di Genova has the imagination and pure linear finesse to explore every sense of the word graphic: “GRAPHIC” being, for eyes, what “LOUD” is for ears.


About the Artist
Nicholas Di Genova (b. 1981) graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design. He has had solo exhibitions at Le Gallery, Toronto, and Gallery 500, Portland, Oregon as well as a two-person exhibition at Fredericks & Freiser. He lives and works in Toronto.