Damn! The Defiant

Curated by Damon Brandt and Andrew Freiser

January 17 through March 2, 2019

Zak Smith

Girls in the Naked Girl Business: Temper, 2007

Acrylic and metallic ink on plastic-coated paper

36h x 26w in

Artist Unknown

Winston Churchill With Cigar, 1929

Gelatin Silver Print; printed c. 1929

7 1/2h x 5 1/2w in

Jenna Gribbon

You Won't See Through Her Smokescreen, 2018

Oil on linen

10h x 8w in

Toyin Ojih Odutola

Anchor, 2018

Charcoal, pastel, and pencil on paper

45 3/8h x 35 1/2w in

© Toyin Ojih Odutola. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

Mary Reid Kelley

Harry S. Truman, 2017


27 1/8h x 31 3/8w x 1 3/4d in

Edition 2 of 4

Kathe Burkhart

Twat: from the Liz Taylor Series (Taming of the Shrew), 1995

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

40h x 60w in

Mary Ellen Mark

Amanda and Her Cousin Amy Valdese, North Carolina, 1990

Gelatin Silver Print; printed later

16h x 20w in

Edition of 75

Dana Schutz

Daughter, 2000

Oil on canvas

48h x 36w x 2d in

Artist Unknown

Torso of a Boxer, 1915-20

Tempera on cardboard

22h x 17 1/2w in

Walter Robinson

Web of Murder, 2017

Acrylic on canvas

48h x 36w in

Walt Kuhn

Woman in Marjorette Costume, 1944

Oil on canvas

30h x 25w in

John Ahearn

Taneesha, 2000

Acrylic on plaster

23 3/8h x 15w x 6 1/4d in

Photo: Joerg Lohse

Image courtesy of Alexander and Bonin, New York

Joseph Breitenbach

Portrait, Paris, c. 1933-39

Gelatin Silver Print, vintage

11 3/4h x 9 7/16w in

William Gedney

Big Rock, Kentucky, 1964

Gelatin Silver Print; printed c. 1964

12h x 8 1/8w in

George Tooker

Woman With Oranges, 1977

Egg tempera on gessoed panel

23 1/2h x 17 1/2w in

Andrea Bowers

Indignant Fairy, 1993

Sculpey, paint, glitter, and cloth

Variable Dimensions

Whitfield Lovell

Kin XL (Breath), 2010

Conte on paper, wooden ship model

30h x 22 1/2w x 2d in

Geoffrey Chadsey

Tuck (Keith), 2016

Watercolor pencil and crayon on mylar

91 1/4h x 42w in

© Geoffrey Chadsey. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

Kathe Burkhart

The Finger, 2009

Marker on red vellum

16h x 12w in

Bruce Davidson

Time of Change (Damn the Defiant), 1963

Gelatin Silver Print; printed later

11h x 14w in

Morris Lane

Gordon Parks, 1985

Gelatin Silver Print

19 3/4h x 16w in

Héctor García

Portrait of Frida, c. 1940

Gelatin Silver Print, vintage

6 3/4h x 5 3/4w in

Bill Owens

Richie (from Suburbia), 1972

Gelatin Silver Print; printed late 90s

11h x 14w in

Jenna Gribbon

Top on Bottom, 2018

Oil on linen

14h x 11w in

William Klein

Club Allegro Fortissimo, Paris, 1990

Gelatin Silver Print; printed later

16h x 20w in

Barkley L. Hendricks

Icon For My Man Superman (Superman Never Saved Any Black People - Bobby Seale), 2009

Pigment on archival paper

14h x 11w in

© Estate of Barkley L. Hendricks. Courtesy of the artist’s estate and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

Edition 41 of 50

Garry Winogrand

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, 1964

Gelatin Silver Print, vintage

23h x 19 1/2w in

Frank Walter

Portrait of a Man in Yellow Shirt, c. 1970

Oil and pen on photographic paper

10h x 7 3/8w in

Irving Penn

Salvador Dalí, 1947

Gelatin Silver Print, vintage

9 9/16h x 7 11/16w in

Miguel Covarrubias

Titis, n.d.

Ink on paper

11h x 8 1/2w in

Gordon Parks

American Gothic, Washington, DC, 1942

Gelatin Silver Print; printed later

14h x 11w in

William Klein

Oumou Sangare, Top Pop Singer in Mali, Paris, 1992

Gelatin Silver Print; printed later

24h x 20w in

Nahum B. Zenil

Ex Voto (Self Portrait with the Virgin of Guadalupe), 1987

Mixed media on heavy paper with collage

20 1/2h x 14 1/2w in

Walter Robinson

Vixen, 2008

Acrylic on canvas

48h x 48w in

Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Wyeth 77, 2008

Archival pigment print

40h x 40w in

Attributed to Noah Worth or Milton Hopkins

Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Lace Bonnet, c. 1835-40

Oil on panel in a gilt cove-molded frame

35h x 29 1/22w x 3 1/2d in

Karen Kilimnik

Indelible, 1997

Colored pencil on paper

26h x 20w in

Press Release

Damn! The Defiant

Curated by Damon Brandt and Andrew Freiser

January 17 through March 2, 2019

Opening reception: Thursday, January 17 from 6 to 8 pm


DAMN! THE DEFIANT, gradually took form after an extended conversation between the curators about images of rebellion and dissent in contemporary portraiture. What began as a discussion about contemporary painting grew to include twentieth century Magic Realism, photography and folk art as well as the wider cultural context of social media platforms like Instagram. In the end, identifying the defiant gaze, proved to be a more nuanced, relevant and emotionally inspiring curatorial exercise.


Nothing creates projected personal territory more than the emotional push back generated from the recalcitrant expression of a defiant subject. Yet ironically, it is the very nature of this engagement that makes it difficult for the viewer to quickly detach or withdraw from what in fact amounts to an extended glare or moment of social tension.  In a time of undeniable anxiety, finding both the common and contrasting ground in the portrayal of defiance speaks directly to the angst and pre-occupation for self-determination that has been and continues to be a pervasive human concern. 

Artists include John Ahearn, Andrea Bowers, Kathe Burkhart, Geoffrey Chadsey, Jenna Gribbon, Barkley L. Hendricks, Mary Reid Kelley, Karen Kilimnik, Walt Kuhn, Mary Ellen Mark, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Gordon Parks, Irving Penn, Walter Robinson, Dana Schutz, Zak Smith, George Tooker, Garry Winogrand, Nahum B. Zenil, and others. 


Previously, Damon Brandt and Andrew Freiser curated “Images of a Floating World: 18th and 19th Century Japanese Erotic Prints and the Echo in Modern and Contemporary Art.”


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