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Jenna Gribbon in The Telegraph

Sapho sortie 

Two of the hottest art tickets in town until November feature work by emerging female artists. Jenna Gribbon has her first show at Fredericks & Freiser, When I Looked At You The Light Changed, mixing historical art influences with a modern interpretation. Two series of works are on offer by this artist, one featuring family and friends in painterly-portrait arrangements, the other showing women’s bodies locked and woven in wrestling poses. Over at Chart Gallery on Franklin, reputation-booming curator of the moment Maria Brito presents MUSE, Shona McAndrew’s first solo exhibition. Paintings incorporating photographs of the artist herself, shaped into poses from historically recognisable works, offer musing opportunities over females as art subjects. Accompanying the paintings are the artist’s signature papier-mâché sculptures of ethnically diverse women in relaxed but intricately detailed poses.