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Jenna Gribbon in Talk Art

"For the first episode, we meet American artist Jenna Gribbon at her solo exhibition titled 'Light Holding', her first show for Massimo De Carlo gallery. Her paintings question the feelings and implications of seeing and being seen through their exploration of performative, constructed and real intimacy. We discuss Agnes Varda, Manet, queerness, painting, intimate portraits, Mary Cassatt, Athens (Georgia), Mackenzie Scott (Torres) and much more!


Jenna's London solo exhibition 'Light Holding' is now open at Massimo De Carlo on South Audley Street, and runs until 26th February 2022. Free entry!


Jenna Gribbon’s paintings draw from memory, art history, and contemporary life. Her syncretic canvases draw on several centuries of painting: figures disporting themselves in a sylvan setting recall Fragonard’s fêtes galantes; an interiors swiftly brushed-on walls evoke the cursory backgrounds of Mary Cassatt; gently distorted architectural features summon the laissez-faire depictions of Karen Kilimnik. Sampling freely from various representational techniques and movements, Jenna Gribbon’s paint handling swerves from the virtuosic to the intentionally slapdash; fast, impressionistic strokes often about minutely illustrated details, highlighting the artist’s interest in collapsing numerous pictorial strategies into a single canvas. Jenna Gribbon was recently featured on the cover of Purple Magazine. She has been included in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville; and the Kurpfalzicches Museum, Heidelberg, and at the Frick Museum (upcoming).


Jenna Gribbon (b.1978, Knoxville, Tennessee) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, US. Special thanks to Francesca, Lara at Massimo De Carlo gallery. Follow @JennaGribbon on Instagram and her galleries @MassimoDeCarloGallery and @FredericksAndFreiser Visit: and "