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Jenna Gribbon in Art She Says

From May 8-15, Frieze has launched its ambitious new digital initiative featuring more than 200 galleries from across the globe and presenting major works by established and emerging artists for the first-ever online edition of Frieze New York.

Pros: Easily filtered price points, mediums, genders, and gallery locations. For new or shy collectors, the ability to inquire on a work is a simple click of a button, which can be easily accessible from the ease of your home, rather than feeling overwhelmed in a large crowded venue.

Cons: Not virtual enough. The thrill and the excitement of the VIP art world atmosphere is no more — diminishing the experience of seeing the size of artwork in person and the opportunity to gallivant and mingle with a stylish crowd.

Nevertheless, this year Frieze New York has over 1700 women and non-binary artists to browse through. If you’re a quarantined collector on a low budget, we put together a list of some of our favorite artwork priced under 10K.

Jenna Gribbon
A Simple Demonstration, 2020
16” X 12” (40.64 CM X 30.48 CM)
Oil on Linen

“This painting is a nod to Courbet’s L’Origine du monde, but with more of an identity than that artist’s headless torso. It’s also a painting about the complexity of trying to convey a simple thing, especially when it comes to depicting a woman’s body.” (Jenna Gribbon, Fredericks & Frieser)