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Fredericks & Freiser at Untitled in Artnet News

Brian Boucher

If you want to take advantage of both the beach and the art that’s all over Miami right now, you couldn’t do much better than to visit Untitled, which takes place in a tent right on the sand at Ocean Drive and 12th Street.

I’ve long been a fan of recent MacArthur “genius” grant awardee Mary Reid Kelley, who, with her husband Pat Kelley, makes fantastic videos; this is the first time I’ve seen her sculptures. This work shows the vanity of a Parisian prostitute who figures as the main character in her video The Syphilis of Sisyphus, and it’s tagged at $15,000. Behind it are entrancing paintings by Jocelyn Hobbie; her gorgeous Chimes, which evokes Ophelia floating away after being rejected by Hamlet, was priced at $45,000 and is already sold.