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David Humphrey on Being an Artist with Tom Judd


Two powerful artists by themselves , the married couple love to mix it up including collaborating on paintings and sharing ideas about art and artmaking.

Established contemporary artists, they are both published writers and love to play music together. The interview reveals an expansive studio practice between their two homes, New York City and a country house in rural Pennsylvania. 

The COVID outbreak impacted them immediately when Jennifer came down with the virus and was bed ridden for a month back in March. She talks of how she drew her way out of it with drawings from bed which later led to a whole series of large paintings. 

David produced an astounding body of work for his show at Fredericks and Freiser in the fall with a Title surprisingly appropriate “Arms of the Law.” He also completed an extensive monograph of his long career, “David Humphrey” edited by Davy Lauterbach.