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Danielle Roberts in Patron Magazine

"Green Family Art Foundation investigates rising artists in Women of Now"


BY Terri Provencal 


"Memories, whether old, new, real, imagined or virtual, specified by moment and place, are then amalgamated, and form patterns that help define the rules and ways in which we live.” Women of Now: Dialogues of Memory, Place & Identity, the next exhibition from the Green Family Art Foundation, posits this in an essay and articulates this through the work of 28 female artists. Bandied about by behavioral health scientists ad infinitum— including the near-mythic Sigmund Freud, whose grandson was the great British portraitist Lucian Freud—memories are easy fodder for artists. However, memories handled in capable hands make you think, conjuring your own long-forgotten experiences, allowing for an interpretive view. It is the crux of this that makes the selected artists, on every collector’s waiting list, compel you to see what they will do next, which is why they are rising, and fast. Fortunately for us we get to see this sampling of exceptional work when the exhibition opens February 12 at Green Family Art Foundation.


In order to communicate their internal worlds, these artists have developed personal visual languages based on their own anthologies. The unique identity of each artist is what makes the work more convincing. A Canadian artist, Danielle Roberts, took a ferry to school throughout her childhood, often riding when darkness fell. Growing up on Gabriola Island, she observed strangers who sat alone on their daily commute."