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Danielle Roberts in Artnet

Who: Danielle Roberts, a Stockton, California-born artist who studied at Hunter College whose striking color palette of violet and purple convey a sense of sadness, foreboding, and intrigue. The palette has “definitely has brought her attention, and also her fusion of youth culture and themes of disaffection and alienation,” said Andy Freiser of Fredericks & Freiser.

Based in: Brooklyn, New York

Showing at: Fredericks & Freiser at the Armory Show

Prices: $6,500 to $18,000

Why You Should Pay Attention: The two works the gallery brought to the Armory sold out swiftly, including one to top collectors Herb and Lenore Schorr. Although Roberts is still early in her career, her supporters are “top tier,” according to Freiser, and include Pete and Michelle Scantland and the Ashti Foundation in Lebanon. Roberts was recently included in the exhibition “Women of Now” at the Green Family Foundation in Dallas and had a solo show in San Francisco with Friends Indeed.

Notable Resume Line: Roberts was the only in-person studio visit Freiser made during quarantine, after meeting her during her second year of graduate school at Hunter.

Up Next: Her first solo show at Fredericks & Freiser New York is set for February 2023.

—Eileen Kinsella