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Fredericks & Freiser is pleased to announce a solo exhibition in the viewing room of new work by Matthew Palladino. For his first show at Fredericks & Freiser, Palladino will present large-scale paintings that pulsate with bright colors and disorienting depth perception.

Matthew Palladino’s work can tie any person trying to solve it into knots. With a highly digitized aesthetic rendered by hand, his characters float throughout his simultaneously flat and illusionistic spaces as if they have been there forever. Assuming an archetypal stature, recognizable figures appear in serial form and move about his labyrinthine landscapes trapped in groundhog- day repetition. Bright colors 

zig zag the eye into a latticework of directions turning bodies and faces into shapes and forms. Vacillating between narration and abstraction, Palladino reminds us of our instinctual impulse to find the story, while letting us linger in visceral limbo.

About the Artist
Matthew Palladino was born in San Francisco and lives and works in San Francisco and Philadelphia. He attended California College of Arts in Oakland. In 2010, Palladio was featured in solo exhibitions at Baer Ridgeway Galley, San Francisco and NADA Fair, Miami.