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Douglas Kolk

New Work

October 18 – December 1, 2007

Douglas Kolk, Can't Let Go, 2007

Douglas Kolk

Can't Let Go, 2007

Collage on paper

92 x 77 1/2 inches 233.7 x 196.9 cm


Douglas Kolk, Teeth Everywhere, 2007

Douglas Kolk

Teeth Everywhere, 2007

Collage on paper

92 1/2 x 73 inches 235 x 185.4 cm


Douglas Kolk, Where You Went, 2007

Douglas Kolk

Where You Went, 2007

Collage on paper

74 x 83 inches 188 x 210.8 cm


Douglas Kolk, Lookin' For Pills, 2007

Douglas Kolk

Lookin' For Pills, 2007

Collage on paper

89 1/2 x 80 inches 227.3 x 203.2 cm


Douglas Kolk, 12:00 Cop, 2007

Douglas Kolk

12:00 Cop, 2007

Collage on paper

87 x 76 inches
221 x 193 cm


Douglas Kolk, Flag, 2007

Douglas Kolk

Flag, 2007

Collage on paper

83 1/2 x 105 inches 212.1 x 266.7 cm


Douglas Kolk, Drivin' Junk, 2007

Douglas Kolk

Drivin' Junk, 2007

Collage on paper

80 x 78 inches 203.2 x 198.1 cm


Douglas Kolk, Nurse City, 2007

Douglas Kolk

Nurse City, 2007

Collage on paper

74 1/2 x 74 1/2 inches 189.2 x 189.2 cm


Press Release

Fredericks & Freiser is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Douglas Kolk. This will be the artist's first solo exhibition in New York since 1997. The show will include eight large-scale works on paper. Kolk makes dense compositions that are dark and poignant. Whereas his early drawings depict the fragility of his young and mournfully afflicted characters with a spare and startlingly abrupt line, his recent painting/drawing/collage works display a horror vacui of unrestricted gesture. Here KolkÍs particularly nightmarish vision is rendered uncooked. 

Evoking the fragmented narratives of American artists...Douglas Kolk's collaged drawings explore an over-identification with television culture. His poster-sized work broadcasts a chaotic media: displaced figures, consumer logos and fairytale ghoulies abound in his channel-surfing style. Through his fragmented compositions, Kolk captures an adolescent zeitgeist. His images present fragile and fluctuating notions of identity and corrupted innocence... His forms range from the poetically detailed to the violently doodled, his sentiments overlapping in precarious balance. Combining media

clippings with delicate sketches and bold painterly abstraction, Kolk contrives an alluring arena between reality and distortion. His work entrances with confessional intimacy, disclosing compulsive beauty in the hollow and salacious.
         –USA Today, Royal Academy of Arts, London, Catalogue

About the Artist
Douglas Kolk (born 1963, Newark, NJ) grew up near a nursing home headed by his father, a Baptist preacher. In the mid-90's he had solo exhibitions at David Zwirner, New York; and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London. He ceased his artistic work in 1999 as a result of excessive drug consumption and started working again only in 2004. Since then he has been included in group shows at Kunsthalle Manheim; galerie du jour agnès b., Paris; and The Royal Academy of Arts, London. He has had solo shows with Arndt & Partner, Berlin and Zurich (who began showing his work in 1994) and the Kunstlerverein Malkasten, Dusseldorf. He is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York and is the subject of a self-titled monograph published by Hatje Cantz. This is his first solo exhibition at Fredericks & Freiser.